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I write about my main passion: programming!

Currently exploring Rust 🦀 and digging into low-level Windows APIs.

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  1. Rotate a XAML element using UWP Toolkit 7
    Apr 12, 2021
    3 minutes read

    Alternative title: "Fix 'Microsoft Learn' examples for 2021".

    I am following Microsoft simple introduction to building Windows 10 native applications (see their Windows Learn course). Unfortunately everything is always changing fast (and breaking everything) in the software world and their first XAML example does not build anymore.

    After spending a few hours to fix my build I understand enough of the problem to write this short article.

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  2. Use .env files with your Svelte project
    Nov 11, 2020
    les than 1 minute read

    I recently learned a nice way to manage your .env files in your Svelte projects. If you're using Rollup as your bundling tool, which is likely to be the case, you can use the node module dotenv to automatically inject the content of a .env file into your web page.

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  3. The "TRUMP SCREAMING" game
    Nov 09, 2020
    1 minute read

    Last Friday evening I was following and discussing the 2020 US elections, while I got a really dumb idea: is there a logic behind Trump's use of ALL CAPS when tweeting? And if yes, can people guess correctly what is actually in ALL CAPS when given a lowercase version?


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